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Airport Meet / Greet – Nantucket ACK or Logan International


Nantucket History:

Nantucket! The native American name means “far-away land” and set out in the Atlantic Ocean, thirty miles off the Massachusetts coast, the island is truly off in its own world of time and space.


Visit Nantucket today and step into a world where history is all around you. First settled in 1659 by English families seeking refuge from the religious intolerance of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, by the middle of the eighteenth century the island was inhabited by a Quaker settlement that exerted a strong cultural influence. Their sample, sturdy dwellings have been continuously occupied and stand today in pristine ranks along cobblestone Main Street and other lanes and byways. Later, with the affluence generated by the whaling industry, merchants and master mariners built their homes with an eye to impress their neighbors. For a century and a half, Nantucket was the busiest and most prosperous whaling port in the world.


The perfectly preserved Georgian, Federal, and Greek Revival houses of that era, together with the older Quaker buildings, make of Nantucket Town and architectural treasure trove. But this is a living town, not a collection of reconstructed museum pieces. At the harbor front where the great whaling ships set out on their hazardous journeys to return years later, if at all, pleasure boats now find safe harbor and one of the finest docking facilities on the east coast. Inland on this idyllic “elbow of sand,” the wild and fragrant moors open to the endless sky; the springtime blossom of beach plum and blackberry give way to summer’s lush flowerings and, perhaps best of all, the rich, tawny hues of autumn.


Walk the wide sandy beaches, as beautiful as any in the world. Swim in the still, sparkling waters of Nantucket Sound to the north, or brave the mighty Atlantic along the island’s south shore. Let the pounding surf and clean, salty air restore you. Try your hand at surfcasting for stripers and bluefish charter a boat for deep-sea fishing. Catch a breeze on a sailboat or a windsurfer. In the old historic town, the museums and open houses recreate the past–the old mill turning, a spermaceti candle works now the Whaling Museum.


Take in the exciting shops and explore the art galleries. Sign on for a guided tour of the island or pick up a box lunch and rent a bike–a good way of discovering Nantucket for yourself. Where to stay? The choice is wide. An old Nantucket home with bed and breakfast, an inn by the sea, a luxurious, full-service hotel. For longer stay, cottages, and houses are available–in town or easterly at Siasconset, westerly at Madaket, down on the south shore at Surfside Beach.


Restaurants abound–whether for a quick snack, an informal meal, or gourmet fare in sophisticated surroundings. How about a clambake prepared to your order? Fresh Nantucket seafood, especially the succulent Nantucket bay scallop, provides unforgettable dining.


Come to the island any time of year by boat or plane; accommodations are usually available. Peak season visitors must reserve early. Although Nantucket is for most people a summer place, an off-season visit is a special treat. Autumn on Nantucket is glorious; the gardens of late summer are still blooming and the sun-drenched days are warm enough for swimming right through September.


Or come for the winter holidays. Thanksgiving is homecoming time. And in December the air is crisp, the shopping unhurried, and the island dressed for an old-fashioned Christmas. Then come celebrate with us in April when millions of daffodils herald the coming of spring. Whenever you come, you’ll want to return. That’s the charm of this far-away land.



* Herman Melville based his novel Moby-Dick on the true and tragic tale of the Essex. This Nantucket whale ship was whaling off the coast of South America in 1820 when it was rammed by a whale. He received his information from Owen Chase, a mate on the Essex who kept the ship’s log.

* Lower Main Street, originally called State Street, was paved in 1837 with cobblestones, brought here from Gloucester, where they had been stockpiled after serving as ballast to stabilize ships’ cargoes. The cobblestones enabled heavy, oil laden carts to move up from the wharves without sinking in the mud.

* Nantucket is an island, a county, and a town. It is the only place in America with the same name for all three. (courtesy Nantucket Chamber of Commerce)





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