In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy in 2013, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has proclaimed that April 15 will now be known as “One Boston Day,” a day to encourage random acts of kindness and the spread of goodwill throughout the city. What will your TEAM do? What random acts of kindness are you willing to do to never FORGET and to comfort those in need or less fortunate? Well, Boston Adventures has the answer on a truly fun and exciting teambuilding event that gets you and your people out doing something philanthropic in the city of Boston.


If you are looking at helping others this year, and would like to show your kindness and compassion through giving or by doing something totally out of the ordinary, a random act that shows you care to help those less fortunate, please give Boston adventures a call. We have a very special teambuilding event that everyone will really enjoy and feel great satisfaction in completing together.


Boston Adventures Philanthropy scavenger hunt™ has the perfect event to show your appreciation and huge compassion for others this year. Event includes customized tasks to perform in 90-minutes to 2-hours, while interacting with colleagues, locals and sometimes complete strangers. You’ll enjoy taking fun photographs, solving CLUES, collecting items to donate, team trivia, as well as contributing to others in need and sharing some goodwill, that makes you and your team feel really great! Re-invest your time and effort into building a positive constructive experience, while doing something totally random at times that you and the team can really be proud of, too.


PLUS, You’ll get to see the city in a fun way, and a day that you and your team will always remember. Give Boston Adventures a call today to book your Boston Adventures Philanthropy scavenger hunt™. You’ll be amazed at how powerful a humanitarian experience this really is and how much good you and your team can do for others in a very short time together and for a great cause.


Your teambuilding event ends with a gathering of your participants at a restaurant or park to share your positive experience and what you have learned in the process of helping out humanity together on one fine Boston day.

CALL (800) 936-0277 for details.

“The Boston Adventures scavenger hunt definitely builds morale, improves communication skills, and creates a positive, competitive atmosphere, and forms new friendships for all involved,’’

Jill, Marketing Director of Baystate Financial – THE BOSTON GLOBE